Tiger and Crane

Tiger and Crane

NR Adventure 45 min

This is the tale of a group of teenagers who, for the love of their dreams, brave a chaotic world to save it. Huzi, an optimistic orphan from the mountains, accidentally swallows a red pearl, Yang’s treasure, and becomes friends with Qi Xiao Xuan, a national demon master, despite their different personalities. They are forced to travel together due to the red pearl and befriend others including Zhao Xin Tong and Wang Yu Qian. When Qi Xiaoxuan …

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    Odaberi epizodu

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      1. Raven

        24/10/2023 at 23:40

        Kada ce biti ostale epizode? 11+

        • admin

          25/10/2023 at 15:29

          Dodano novih 10 ep

      2. Miki

        26/10/2023 at 18:35


        Moze li ova serija

        • admin

          27/10/2023 at 13:51

          Nije dostupna

      3. Raven

        27/10/2023 at 19:47

        Mode li da se poprave prevodi od 30te epizode? Hvala unapred

        • admin

          27/10/2023 at 20:45


      4. Raven

        27/10/2023 at 21:31

        Mode li i ostale? 30 je sada dobra ostale ne valjaju. 31 – 36

        • admin

          28/10/2023 at 14:27

          Cini mi se da nisu valjale samo 31 i 35, popravil ismo

      5. Kole

        29/10/2023 at 20:46

        Dali ima jos ova serija ili je kraj

        • admin

          29/10/2023 at 21:44

          Trenutno je to to mislim za prvu sezonu, ako bude jos ep dodamo.

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